Vaccai Metodo Pratico

Singing my way through PhD-theory.

9/27/20231 min read

If you want to hear me sing a little opera 🎶 & I made these short recordings this afternoon, during a lunch break, after my second class in classical singing. On the picture, a few of the papers from my literature study and the book Vaccai Metodo Pratico, which guides my craftsmanship in opera singing.

It has been 25 years since I took 1 year of opera singing class and I still vividly remember my teacher from that time. She has passed away unfortunately, yet I now discover that she has given me a great foundation in singing opera. My body still remembers everything that I have been taught when I was young, even though I do need (a lot of) exercise of course. It's really nice to be able to talk to my current teacher and to engage in the same kind of practices as 25 years ago. Opera singing class is like a physical exercise, full of bodily effort and materiality, all positioned in a highly female context (in my case). I have missed it a lot, it's confronting as well and it's fruitful to my readings and writings.

Dvořák: Rusalka (Petr Weigl film, 1977)